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How to Move a Swing Set Safely | A Step-By-Step Guide

31 Oct 2023
A medium-sized metal swing set with three swings.

Moving a swing set can be a challenging chore, but with the right guidance and a step-by-step plan, it can be a smooth and safe operation.  

Whether you're relocating to a new home, repositioning your play area, or simply looking to give your yard a fresh layout, we will use our expertise at gobaplay to walk you through the process of moving a swing set safely.   

From disassembly and transportation to reassembly in the right spot, we've got you covered with all the tips and steps you need for a successful relocation. Let's ensure your swing set journey is a secure and enjoyable one!  

6 Steps for How to Move a Swing Set 

Below are the six steps you must follow to safely move your swing set from one location to another. These steps should apply to all swing sets or playsets that would require disassembly to move, including metal swing sets, wooden swing sets and large playsets.  

Step #1: Assess Your Swing Set  

Before moving your swing set, it's crucial to assess its current state. This step is essential in ensuring a safe and efficient relocation process. Here's what you need to consider:  

  • Check for structural integrity - Inspect for wear-and-tear, rust, loose bolts, and damage, especially on main supports, swing chains, and connectors. Address significant structural issues before moving. 
  • Measuring dimensions – Determine the swing set's height, width, and depth for accurate disassembly and relocation planning. Record these measurements for choosing a new location. 
  • Identify Components to Disassemble - Take note of swing set accessories, like swings, slides, and attachments. Label each piece for easy reassembly in the new location. 

Multiple kids playing on a large wooden swing set.  

Photo courtesy of Costco.  

Step: 2: Gather Your Tools  

Next, you will need to make sure you have the necessary tools for relocation:  

A. Tools List 


Wrench and Socket Set: For removing nuts and bolts. 

Screwdrivers: Flathead and Phillips head for various attachments. 

Adjustable Pliers: Useful for gripping and turning. 

Rubber Mallet: For gently dislodging stuck parts. 

Drill with Bits: Speeds up disassembly and reassembly. 

Utility Knife: Cutting ropes or zip ties. 

Measuring Tape: Ensures precise placement in the new location. 

Step Ladder: Assists in reaching higher points safely. 


B. Safety Gear 


Work Gloves: Protect your hands during disassembly. 

Safety Glasses: Shield your eyes from debris and sharp edges. 

Ear Protection: Guards against loud noises during drilling or hammering. 

Closed-Toe Shoes: Prevent foot injuries. 

First Aid Kit: Be prepared for minor accidents. 

Sunscreen and Hat: If working outdoors, shield yourself from the sun. 

Check out your local hardware store or retailers like The Home Depot and Lowes if you need any of these tools or gear.  

Step #3: Prepare the New Location (If Relocating) 

Now, you must prepare the new location for your swing set if you are relocating it to a new area. This is a crucial step for safety when installing a swing set! 

First, choose a spot that is level, has enough room around the swing set and is at a safe distance from obstacles. Consider putting your swing set in a shaded area to avoid UV-damage from the sun.  

Secondly, prepare the ground by clearing debris, managing vegetation in the area and putting soft surfacing (mulch, rubber mats, etc.) down that will go under the swing set  

Lastly, make sure the pathways to and from the swing set are clear from tripping hazards.   

Tip: Establish boundaries to ensure children play within the designated area of the swing set.  

Preparing the ground for a swing set. 

Photo courtesy of Assemblymen.   

Step #4: Disassemble the Swing Set 

To safely move your swing set, you’re likely going to have to take the swing set apart unless it’s a small swing set that can be manually moved.   

If you’re relocating a large swing set or moving it to a new house, you need to follow the steps below for swing set disassembly:   

1. Unfasten Bolts and Screws: Begin by unfastening all bolts, screws, and hardware that hold the swing set components together. 

2. Remove Swings and Attachments: Take down swings, slides, and other attachments, keeping track of each piece. 

3. Disassemble Support Structures: Carefully dismantle support beams and framework, following the swing set's original assembly instructions.  

Make sure to keep all small components like nuts, bolts, and washers in labeled bags so you have them for reassembly.   

Tip: Take photos or make notes during your swing set disassembly to keep for when you reassemble it. Also, make sure the components to the swing set are stored in a dry location! 

Step #5: Transport the Swing Set  

Once your swing set is disassembled, it's time to transport the structure to its new home. To do this, you will need to:  

  • Prepare the Trailer/Truck: Ensure the trailer or truck you're using is in good condition and suitable for transporting your swing set. 

A person tying down a swing set on a trailer. 

Photo courtesy of King Swings. 

  • Secure Large Components: Use straps or ropes to secure larger swing set components (like the frame and swings), preventing them from shifting during transit. 
  • Protect Smaller Parts: Place smaller components, hardware, and accessories in secure containers to prevent loss. 
  • Balanced Weight Distribution: Distribute the weight evenly on the trailer or truck to maintain balance and stability. 
  • Cover for Protection: Cover the swing set components to protect them from dust, debris, and the elements.  

Drive cautiously when transporting the swing set and periodically check it to make sure everything is secure.   

Step #6: Reassemble the Swing Set  

Now, you will need to reassemble the swing set. Follow these steps to ensure a proper reassembly:  

1. Assemble the Swing Set Structure: Rebuild the A-frame or main support structure, following the manufacturer's instructions. This often involves attaching the main beams and legs. 

2. Attach Swing Beam: Secure the horizontal swing beam to the main structure, ensuring it's level. 

3. Swings and Accessories: Reattach the swings, slides, climbing features, and any other accessories. Follow specific assembly instructions for each component. 

4. Safety Checks: Double-check that all bolts, screws, and connections are tightened securely. Confirm all parts are in good condition and not damaged. 

5. Anchor Your Swing Set: Anchor the swing set to the ground or use braces for stability. Follow safety guidelines to prevent tipping.  

Swing set anchors, courtesy of American Earth Anchors:  

A swing set anchored to the ground. 

Once you’ve conducted a safety check and have anchored the swing set, you have successfully completed a safe transportation of your swing set!  

FAQ: How to Move a Swing Set  

You now know the steps to moving a swing set, but you may have some additional questions. The following are answers to four common questions on how to move a swing set:  

1. How Much Does It Cost to Move a Swing Set?  

If you would rather not move the swing set yourself, you can hire swing set movers to do it for you.   

To hire swing set movers, it can cost anywhere from $200-$3,000+ depending on the size of the swing set, your location and the distance it needs to be moved.   

2. How Hard Is It to Move a Swing Set?  

Moving a swing set can be difficult. Smaller swing sets may be manageable for some homeowners with basic tools and equipment.  

But larger, more elaborate swing sets may require expert movers with experience in disassembly, transportation, and reassembly to ensure a safe and successful move.

3. How Do You Remove a Swing Set From the Ground?  

To remove a swing set from the ground, you will need to disassemble the components, unfasten the anchors, dig out footings (if applicable) and life the swing set out of the ground.  

4. What Tools Do You Need to Take Apart a Swing Set?  

Depending on the swing set, you may need a wrench and socket set, screwdrivers, adjustable pliers, a rubber mallet, a drill with bits, a utility knife, measuring tape and a step ladder.   

Looking to Upgrade Your Swing Set?  

Moving a swing set can be a difficult task. But if you follow the steps in this article, you will be well on your way to a successful swing set transportation!  

As a final bit of advice: If you’re concerned about moving a swing set properlyand can afford the fee, it might be best to hire swing set movers. As you now know, moving a swing set can be quite complex.   

Safety is paramount when it comes to swing sets, and you don’t want your child to suffer an injury due to an improperly placed/assembled swing set.  

Once you have your swing set moved, you might be looking to enhance your swinging adventure to break in the new location. 

One of the ways to do this is to invest in new swings. We at gobaplay offer a Round Platform Swing ($55) and a Double Platform Swing ($99) that could be great additions to your swing set arsenal.   

Check out our gobaplay Swing Set Accessories and elevate your swing set’s fun and functionality to new heights! 

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