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The 5 Best Swing Set Brands (2024) | Expert Picks

17 Jun 2024
Three little girls smiling while playing on a metal swing set.

We used our insider expertise to choose the best swing set brands this year.  

This included assessing notable brands on safety, quality, longevity, aesthetics, costs and installation, among others.  

Our staff of experts has spoken. We picked a winner for the following five categories:  

  • Best Value 
  • Best Wooden 
  • Best Metal 
  • Best Plastic 
  • Best New  

This List will give you an unbiased look at the main players in the swing set industry.   

It’ll help you make an informed decision on which product to spend your hard-earned money on.   

5 Best Swing Set Brands This Year  

Let’s get right to the List of our best outdoor swing set brands, which is not in any particular order.      

This article is patterned after Springfree Trampoline’s Best Trampoline Brands article. Springfree is a part of our parent company, goba Sports Group, which also owns gobaplay.   

1. Best Value – KidKraft 

KidKraft logo.


Brand History: KidKraft, established in 1968, is noted for selling a large collection of kids’ products, including dollhouses, play kitchens and swing sets. They sell products in over 90 countries and maintain a headquarters in Dallas, TX.   

What Do They Sell?  

***(We’re only including swing sets/playsets and accessories)  

  • 24 wooden swing sets 
  • 4 small swing sets (under 600 square ft.) 
  • 11 medium swing sets (600-750 square ft.) 
  • 8 large swing sets (over 750 square ft.) 
  • 4 swing set accessories 
  • Climbing Rocks (set of 6) 
  • Yellow Steering Wheel  
  • Swing Hangers (set of 2) 
  • Belt Swing  

Brand Strengths:   

  • They sell multiple different sizes of swing sets.  
  • Swing Sets come with multiple features, including slides, rock walls, sandboxes and picnic tables, among others. They also sell multiple thematic designs, like a Bear Cave Lodge Swing Set  
Multiple kids playing on a large KidKraft wooden swing set.
  • Can accommodate up to 3-12+ kids.  
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 
  • Swing sets cost between $400-$4,000, which is 15-30% less than Gorilla Playsets (a premium brand), according to Backyard Oasis 
  • Swing set assembly should be easier than premium wooden swing sets (it can still take up to 28 hours on their larger swing sets.) 

Brand Weaknesses:  

  • Longevity can be a concern. They offer up to a five-year warranty on wood rot, which is below that of premium swing sets.  
  • Sturdiness could become a problem with KidKraft’s Swing Sets, as the hardware used can result in joints being loosened as they age or bear heavier loads.  
  • They use multiple different types of wood, including cedar (optimal) and lesser quality options like southern spruce and Chinese fir.  
  • You will likely need to replace parts sooner than higher-quality sets.  
  • Maximum weight capacities will be lower than premium wooden swing sets.   


KidKraft sells a line of good-quality, budget-friendly Swing Sets that include multiple design features. 

However, they are not the strongest or sturdiest of structures.   

If you’re looking for a long-term wooden swing set, you may want to look at another brand.     

Photos courtesy of KidKraft.   

2. Best Metal – Lifetime 

Lifetime Products logo.


Brand History: Lifetime Products was created in 1986, originally to build basketball hoops before expanding into other product spaces. They now sell various furniture, sports equipment and playground equipment – like swing sets/playsets. Their headquarters are in Utah.   

What Do They Sell?   

  • Over 20 metal swing sets and playsets of various sizes.  
  • 4 swing set accessories 
  • Yellow Bucket Swing 
  • Playset Anchor Kit 
  • Spider Swing  
  • Lifetime Bucket Swing  

Brand Strengths:  

  • Include a variety of designs, from simple A-frame swing sets to deluxe playsets with climbing features and slides.  
  • Constructed with UV and weather-resistant features.  
  • Meets ASTM safety standards.  
  • Some color customization is offered, like on their Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set (Primary and Earthtone).   

Earthtone Lifetime Metal Swing Set:  

Earthtone Lifetime Metal Swing Set.
  • Accessories come with necessary safety features (ex: non-slip foot caps, zinc and rubber-coated swings).  
  • No staining or painting is required for its swing sets.   

Brand Weaknesses:   

  • Even though Lifetime uses powder-coated galvanized steel, rust was the primary complaint among buyer reviews on their website. They recommend using a rust treatment a couple of times a year for extra protection.  
  • Swing sets/playsets range from $600-$4,300, which could be too pricey for some budgets.  
  • Assembly could be difficult for some and may require professional installation.  
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty – which is standard for mid-models. For expensive sets, the five-year warranty could be disappointing for some families.   


Lifetime offers a solid lineup of metal swing sets consisting of multiple sizes and features.   

While containing several safety/quality features, Lifetime’s Swing Sets are not exempt from rusting and may not last as long as the five-year warranty without maintenance.  

Photos courtesy of Lifetime.  

3. Best Wooden – Rainbow Play Systems 

Rainbow Play Systems logo.


Brand History: Rainbow Play Systems, formed in 1985, is a noted wooden swing set brand based in South Dakota. Their products are sold in over 200 showrooms worldwide. In addition to wooden swing sets/playsets, they also manufacture basketball hoops and trampolines.   

What Do They Sell?  

  • 6 Castle Swing Sets 
  • 6 Clubhouse Playsets 
  • 3 Special Playsets 
  • Accessories 
  • Slides 
  • Swing Beams and A-frames 
  • Monkey Bars 
  • Penthouses 
  • Climbing Walls 

Brand Strengths:   

  • Swing sets/playsets come in different sizes and themes – with unique designs for multiple backyards.  
  • They offer plenty of customization options, letting you choose from an assortment of components like slides, swings and bases.  
Multiple kids playing on a Rainbow Play Swing Set.
  • They are built with premium quality and safety features, like big beam construction, heavy-duty hardware and 100% cedar wood. They meet ASTM safety standards.  
  • Swing sets can last for 25 years or more (with proper maintenance). They come with a lifetime warranty on their cedar lumbar components.  
  • Their swing sets have “virtually no weight limit” according to their website.   

Photos courtesy of Rainbow Play Systems.   

Brand Weaknesses:   

  • Very expensive – expect to spend thousands of dollars. We found premium Rainbow Swing Sets listed at over $30,000.  
  • Prices are set by their distributors – which could mean price variations. It is difficult to find pricing for Rainbow Play Swing Sets without calling or requesting pricing from their website. 
  • While certain components are covered under a lifetime warranty, some components only come with a 1-5-year warranty. Rust on structural hardware and metal components is not covered.  
  • You will almost certainly need professional installation. The big swing sets could be difficult to move once they are in place.  


Rainbow Play Systems makes some of the highest-quality wooden swing sets/playsets on the market.   

Their advanced customization options and intricately designed products stand out among wooden swing set brands.   

However, they do come at a premium price that is dictated by their distributors. Their lifetime warranty is also not standard across the whole structure/components.    

4. Best Plastic – Little Tikes 

Little Tikes logo.


Brand History: Little Tikes was founded in 1969 in Ohio and is known for crafting products for toddlers and young children. These include plastic swing sets, bounce houses, playhouses and trampolines.   

What Do They Sell?  

  • Tree House Swing Set 
  • 4 Swings  
  • 3 Snug ‘n Secure 2-in-1 Swings (blue, pink and magenta) 
  • Highback Toddler Swing 

Brand Strengths:  

  • Nicely designed swing set with multiple features including a climbing wall, slide and steering wheel.  
Multiple kids playing on a Little Tikes plastic swing set.
  • Comes with two swings.  
  • Holds up to 80 lbs per child and can hold up to four kids.  
  • Swing Set made for children ages 3-8.  
  • Won’t be as high maintenance as a wooden or metal swing set.  
  • They sell three 2-in-1 Swings (a baby swing and toddler swing in one) that can be used on standard swing sets.   

Brand Weaknesses:   

  • Little Tikes only sells one plastic swing set and four swings (they do sell a Hide & Seek Climber & Swing but it’s listed as a Climber and not a Swing Set).   
  • Expensive for a plastic swing set ($550, Little Tikes website).  
  • Swing Set is only covered for one year under warranty.  
  • The assembly process could be difficult for some, according to reviews on their website.   


While not selling a variety of plastic swing sets, the Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set is a popular option for young children. They also sell a line of 2-in-1 Swings.   

The Little Tikes Plastic Swing Set is only covered for one year under warranty and may not be a great fit for long-term use.   

Photos courtesy of Little Tikes and Wikipedia.     

5. Best New – gobaplay

gobaplay logo.


Brand History: gobaplay was established in 2023 and sells affordable but quality metal swing sets and accessories. They also sell a Large Geometric Climbing Dome, with more innovations on the way.   

What Do They Sell?  

  • 4 Metal Single Swing Sets and a Swing Set Frame 
  • 4 Metal Swing Set Packages 
  • Discovery Swing Set Package 
  • Ultimate Discovery Swing Set Package 
  • Adventure Swing Set Package 
  • Ultimate Adventure Swing Set Package 
  • 6 Swing Set Accessories  
  • 5 swings 
  • 1 Anchor Kit 

Brand Strengths:   

  • Offers different swing set sizes with multiple different swing options.  
  • Affordable for the quality offered.  
  • Frames made with thick powder-coated steel.  
Two gobaplay metal swing sets next to each other.
  • Comes with a support bar and wide frame for optimal stability.  
  • Meets ASTM safety standards.  
  • Swing Set Packages are highly modular, allowing you to customize which accessories you put on the swing set.   
  • Neutral gunmetal contemporary swing sets go with many types of landscaping.  
  • Offer 2-5-year warranties – better than the standard for their overall price point.  
  • Can be self-assembled. The Single Swing Sets can be installed in 1-2 hours.   

Brand Weaknesses:   

  • Don’t sell premium-sized swing sets.  
  • Don’t include some of the common swing set/playset accessories, like slides and climbing features.  
  • Not as many user reviews to assess since they are a newer brand.   


gobaplay has a catalog of modern, sleek-looking swing sets that give you great quality for the price.  

They don’t currently offer the premium swing sets or accessories that the first three swing set brands on this List do.   

Photos courtesy of gobaplay.   

How to Choose the Right Swing Set Brand  

Now that you have seen the top swing set brands, how do you choose the right one for your family?  

The following are what we consider to be the six fundamental factors in picking the right swing set:  

1. Swing set type and size: Do you prefer a wooden, metal, plastic or vinyl swing set? What size do you need? 

2. Age/number of children: How old are your children, and how many will be using the swing set regularly?  

3. Safety features: Does the swing set come with the essential safety features?    

4. Longevity/quality: How long do you want your swing set to last -- is this a short or long-term purchase? 

5. Customization and accessories: Do you want to be able to fully customize the swing set with your preferred accessories?  

6. Budget: What’s your budget for a swing set 

We hit on all of these crucial considerations in our expert-led article for how to choose a swing set for kids  

Read through it carefully -- it’ll help you make a choice you won’t regret later! 

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