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Backyard Swing Sets: Are They Worth the Investment?

21 Sep 2023
Three children standing by or in a tent swing on a swing set.

Are backyard swing sets worth it? 

That is the question we will objectively tackle today. Swing sets have delighted children for decades, but you may question whether a swing set is worth your money. 

As an outdoor brand that sells kids’ outdoor play equipment (including swing sets), we will use this blog to expertly evaluate the pros and cons of swing sets.   

We will also share our insight on how to get the right swing set for your backyard. After reading this, you will be set up to answer the ultimate question: Is a backyard swing set worth it for you?  

6 Pros of Backyard Swing Sets  

Here are six backyard swing set benefits to consider: 

1. Encourages Outdoor Play 

The great thing about backyard swing sets if they offer an enticing platform for kids to engage in positive outdoor play. 

Spending time outdoors, especially with the increased use of technology, has never been more important to a child’s development. According to Angela Hanscom, founder of the outdoor program Timbernook, children should spend at least three hours a day outside.  

2. Physical Activity  

Not only do backyard swing sets promote outdoor play, but they also get children active.  Depending on the type of swing set (or playset) you have, your child could be able to swing, climb, and slide, among other activities.   

Swing sets come with numerous health benefits (strength, motor skills, coordination) and set the foundation for regular exercise at an early age!  

3. Inspires Creativity 

According to PBS, creativity “fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving.” 

As a parent, it’s important to create an environment that stimulates creativity. Backyard swing sets are optimal platforms for children to invent stories, games and scenarios – inspiring creative imagination while having fun at the same time! 

Four kids playing on a wooden swing set.

Photo courtesy of Wayfair.  

4. Social/Educational Opportunities  

Swing sets are havens for positive social interactions. Backyard swing sets can be used by multiple kids, where they must learn to take turns and collaborate with others while playing.   

Friendships can blossom and flourish on swing sets while communication skills strengthen. Swing sets can also be used for educational purposes, with games that include numbers or encourage thinking – like tic tac toe!  

5. Parent-Child Bonding 

Swinging side by side or pushing each other on a swing set are moments that parents and children remember forever.  

Backyard swing sets are ideal platforms to fortify the bond you have with your child! 

6. Easily Accessible  

Backyard swing sets are convenient since you don’t have to drive anywhere to use them. You can also use a backyard swing set whenever and however often you desire. 

6 Cons of Backyard Swing Sets 

Now, let’s look at some cons to consider when assessing whether a backyard swing set is worth it:  

1. Potential High Upfront Cost 

The cost of a backyard swing set can be a lot. A simple swing set, like the gobaplay Single Swing Set, is relatively inexpensive: You can get a basic swing set for around $100-$500.   

But if you’re talking about a premium swing set or playset (Backyard Discovery, KidKraft, etc.) you could be looking at paying thousands of dollars upfront.  

For example, The Home Depot has swing playsets that can run up to almost $15,000. Cheaper swing sets or playsets are available for around $1,000 – which is still a high cost.  

2. Safety Concerns 

There’s no denying it: There are safety concerns with swing sets. According to Calbom & Schwab, 50,000 children go to the ER every year due to an injury suffered on playground equipment.  

Follow these backyard swing set safety tips to help mitigate the risk of injury:   

  • Properly install your swing set and place soft surfacing underneath it. 
  • Always ANCHOR your swing set! 
  • Supervise your children. 
  • Adhere to any weight limit/age restrictions. 
  • Regularly inspect your swing set for wear, rust, damage, etc.  
  • No jumping off the swing set. 
  • Avoid swinging during inclement weather.  
  • No roughhousing around or on the swing set. 
  • Avoid loose clothing or belts.  
  • Educate your children on how to swing and set expectations for rule-following.   

 3. Must Have Enough Space 

Swing sets will take up space in your backyard. Smaller swing sets won’t take up too much space, but if you’re looking at an entire playset, it could limit other outdoor activities or landscaping options.   

Multiple kids playing on a colorful swing set. 

Photo courtesy of King Swings. 

4. Maintenance Required  

Regular backyard swing set maintenance is required to ensure that it remains safe and functional. This may include regularly checking for wear and tear, tightening bolts or replacing parts when needed.  

The weather could also impact your swing set’s structure, requiring more extensive maintenance and potentially leading to the deterioration of your product.  

5. Finite Play Features 

Some backyard swing sets won’t have the flexibility to do anything else but swing. The lack of play features or swing set accessories may become boring for children over time, leading to a limited lifespan for the swing sets.  

You can mitigate this issue if you pick a base swing set that can handle many types of accessories.    

6. Difficult to Resale/Relocate 

Once you buy a swing set, you’re kind of stuck with it. Used backyard swing sets don’t retain a ton of value, and large swing sets can be difficult to relocate.  

If you’re moving houses or wanting to transport the swing set to another location, it could present logistical challenges.   

Cost of Backyard Swing Sets 

After considering the pros and cons above, the next question you must address is the backyard swing set cost.   

The cost of a swing set can range from under $100-$5000+. High-end custom swing sets can cost upwards of $15,000.

That’s the cost of the swing set itself. There might be other cost factors, like swing set anchors, surfacing to put underneath it, accessories, professional installation, etc.  

Is it worth it for you to pay your hard-earned money for a backyard swing set? That will ultimately be up to you. Our advice would be to gauge your goals with a swing set.   

If you don’t want to commit $1,000+ to a swing set, you can buy a smaller one first to see how your child likes it. If you find that your child loves the swing set, you can always upgrade later! 

Check out "How Much Is a Swing Set?" for a full analysis on swing set pricing!

A boy swinging on a swing set.

gobaplay Single Swing Set.

How to Choose the Right Backyard Swing Set 

After assessing the pros, cons and costs of buying a backyard swing set, you must then choose which swing set to purchase.  

There are many factors to consider when choosing a swing set, but here are some key things to keep in mind while researching:  

  • Age and number of children. 
  • Budget for a swing set. 
  • Available backyard space for a swing set. 
  • Safety/quality of the swing set.  
  • Preferred features and customizability.  
  • Maintenance requirements. 
  • Backyard swing set installation process.  
  • Warranty length.  
  • Brand reputation.  
  • Verified customer reviews.  

Is a Backyard Swing Set Right for You? 

Backyard swing sets are entertaining platforms that inspire creative thinking, active outdoor play and lifelong joyful moments.  

But swing sets come up at a cost and may not be a fit for parents with concerns about space, safety or budgeting.   

Whether or not it’s a backyard swing set or another outdoor platform, it’s crucial for children to go outside and be active. In fact, that’s what our company, GOBA Sports Group, stands for.  

As one of the brands underneath GOBA Sports Group, we at gobaplay believe in safe outdoor play for all. We invented the world’s safest trampoline (Springfree Trampoline) and are now building fashionable and safe outdoor play equipment. 

This includes our gobaplay Single Swing Set, which can come with a Round Platform Swing or a Double Platform Swing. Check out the reviews below to see if a gobaplay Swing Set (or Swing) could be right for you!  

Gobaplay Reviews  

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